Religion Graduate Student Organization


The Religion Graduate Student Organization (RGSO) is a longstanding graduate student group which forms the core of the graduate student experience at The University of Iowa's Department of Religious Studies. It fosters collegiality, stimulates academic success, provides social support, and helps prepare students to transition into the professional context. Among the activities it helps coordinate are those related to professional development, service, and social gatherings. Please take a moment to look around the website, look at the grad student profiles, and contact us if you have any questions!

  • Professional Development: RGSO organizes occasional brown bag lunch seminars throughout the academic year, covering topics such as contemporary issues in religious studies, constructing CVs, comprehensive exams preparation, job searches, and project funding. In addition, it provides opportunities for graduate students to hear faculty present their current research and methodological approach and for students to gain feedback from presenting conference papers.
  • Service Projects: RGSO provides educational and volunteer opportunities for students, as well as a successful sponsor program that provides mentors for new graduate students.
  • Social Events: These events include a fall picnic to greet new students and faculty, coffeehouses, happy hours, and a variety of additional social events.

For more information please contact the RGSO by email (