Graduate Student Funding: Conferences

Finding money for attending conferences is crucial to your graduate career.

In addition to meeting with the Division of Sponsored Programs to find specific funding for your project, here are some other sources of funding:

1. Departmental: The Department of Religious Studies has some money available for travel to conferences. Ask Maureen if you have questions on how to request money from the department.

2. Graduate Student Senate (GSS): To apply for departmental funds you also need to apply for GSS travel funds. The GSS travel funds application is available on their website. These forms have periodic deadlines throughout the school year. Awards are granted as follows:

  • $200 for travel to regional conferences within approximately 300 miles of Iowa City.
  • $300 for travel to national conferences in North America generally greater than 300 miles from Iowa City.
  • $400 for travel to conferences outside North America.

3. Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students (ECGPS) travel grant: this grant worth up to $300 provides funding to students that have been accepted to present original research at a conference.

4. International Programs Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards: this award for $400 is offered through the International Programs Office and provides funds for students to present original research outside the US.

5. Executive Council of Graduate and Professional Students (ECGPS) professional development grants: this grant worth up to $250 provides funding to students who are attending professional workshops and conferences that provide hands-on educational and professional experiences not available at the University of Iowa.

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