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Come SOAR (Study Abroad * Out of the Classroom * Applied Course Learnings * Research) with Health and Human Physiology as you elevate your academic resume with experiential learning.  

Experiential learning provides opportunities to turn theory into practice while building confidence, connections, and collaborations.  

All HHP students should consider exploring experiential opportunities during their time at Iowa. Experiential learning with HHP can be anything from internships, applied courses in HHP, study abroad, and research. Students should consider learning from these different opportunities because it provides real-life experiences that cannot always be gained in the classroom. Experiential learning is the perfect chance for students to learn by doing; to take what has been learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world situations. You can find out more on how to get involved with experiential learning below! 




(Recorded FEBRUARY 16 FROM 7PM-8PM)

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Not sure where to start? Listen to Professional Chats!

Check out what Industry Professionals are encouraging HHP Students to do for experiences and jobs. Listen to HHP Faculty in a discussion with an Industry Professional to learn about how they got started in their career, valuable lessons learned, and their predictions about the future of their industry! 

  • Healthcare Administration: Matt Jerome with Michigan in Healthcare Administration WATCH HERE!
  • Health Coaching and Podcasting: Corey Lewis with SMART Podcast in Health Coaching/PodCasting (Listen to Episode #1 for great insights on Health Coaching Industry!)
    • Zoom Error and interview did not record. Corey's insights from our interview:
      • Continue to grow with your industry! Stay sharp on current trends to make you more credible with your clients.
      • Find the skills you need, when you need them. YouTube University supported skill development in Corey's web platforms.
      • Your experiences matter! They help you communicate and gain insight to help your clients.
      • Learn from your mistakes to be better. The first conversation you have with a client can be helpful in learning how to coach better!
  • Benefits Consulting: Rachel Mattox with Mercer in Benefits Consulting WATCH HERE!
  • App Development: Anthony Knierim with Stridekick in App Development WATCH HERE!
  • Medical Sales: Luke Recker with Stryker in Medical Sales WATCH HERE!
  • Fitness and Podcasting: Tyler Kluver with Washed Up Walkons in Fitness/PodCasting WATCH HERE!
  • U of I Orthopedics Trauma Team: Mary Greve with University of Iowa Orthopedics Trauma Team as Lead Physician Assistant WATCH HERE!
  • Economic Development: Chelsea Gaylord with City of Colorado Springs in Economic Development WATCH HERE!
  • Public Health: Allison Nguyen with Department of Health-Hillsborough County in Public Health WATCH HERE!
  •  Occupational Therapy: Dr. Megan Eads with Lewis University in Occupational Therapy WATCH HERE!


HHP Student Experiences and Testimonials 

The Department of Health and Human Physiology has the largest undergraduate program on the UI campus with nearly 2,200 students. More than half of students are pursuing careers in healthcare making HHP a foundational training program for the future healthcare providers of Iowa. In addition to superior classroom learning, HHP students have the opportunity to learn through a plethora of hands-on experiences. Experiential learning is simply learning by doing and can be a transformative experience for students as they navigate through their undergraduate career. Students have provided a number of reasons as to why they would recommend experiential learning to other peers. 


Student Wellness Spring Internship 

Haley Wolf, 2021 HHP Graduate  

"The best part of the student wellness internship was learning how to reach students in our current circumstances. Planning interactive virtual events was a challenging but incredibly rewarding experience. I learned a lot about what it means to support students in such difficult times."  

Downtown Moves Summer Internship 

Hallie Reuter, 2022 HHP Graduate 

"The Downtown Moves internship gave me a unique opportunity to blend my classroom learning and real-world experiences to deliver real change within the community. I was able to network with classmates and downtown businesses to build my repertoire in regard to promoting movement and encouraging community engagement. I feel like a more well-rounded individual due to this internship, and I would recommend it to everyone within HHP!"

Applied Courses 

Community Wellness Practicum  

Danielle Wnek, 2022 HHP Graduate  

“The Community Wellness Practicum has helped me improve my writing, presentation, and connectivity skills. I am excited to transfer what I have learned in this course to a career in the health promotion field and work with other health educators.”  

Practicum in Health Coaching 

Madison Coyne, 2021 HHP Graduate 

"The Practicum in Health Coaching has taught me what health coaching truly means. Through meeting with clients every week and learning from exceptional professors. Through taking this practicum, I now want to incorporate health coaching into my future practices as a health promotion professional. After the experience I gained, I have a newfound and long-lasting passion for helping people through health coaching." 


Exercise is Medicine Community Outreach Lab 

Katie McAllister, 2022 HHP Graduate  

"This internship gave me the opportunity to interact with participants in a professional role and strengthen my interpersonal skills. Participating in data collection and analysis has strengthened my attention to detail and critical thinking. I have gained a greater appreciation for health outreach programs through my first semester as a research assistant, and I know I will use these skills inn my future academic and health career aspirations."