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  • Joe Cilek
    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Office: E115 FH

    Phone: 319-335-9181

    Educational background: MA in Student Development in Postsecondary Education, University of Iowa

    Programs Advised: B.A. in Health and Human Physiology (Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Health Studies); B.S. in Human Physiology; and the B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation

    What drew you to advising: I enjoy the higher education environment and appreciate the chance to work with students at a defining time of life. I believe we all have interesting and important stories to tell, and as an advisor I am fortunate to be in a role where I hear students share aspects of their aspirations and experiences and can hopefully assist them along the way.

  • Ian Ely-Cate
    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Office: 318 FH

    Phone: 319-335-9186

    Educational background: M.A. in Higher Education from University of Colorado Colorado Springs, B.A. in Spanish from University of Iowa

    Programs Advised: B.S. in Sport and Recreation Management

    What drew you to advising: To have the ability to be in an intellectual environment that allows for continued growth, knowledge, and conversation. Advising allows endless opportunities to discuss, debate, and generate new ideas with the student population, staff, and faculty.

  • Justin Hagedorn
    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Office: E117 FH

    Phone: 319-467-3005

    Educational background:  M.A. in Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs from the University of Maine; B.S. in History and Political Science Education from Iowa State University.  
    Programs Advised:  B.A. in Health and Human Physiology (Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Health Studies); B.S. in Human Physiology 
    What drew you to advising:  I was drawn to advising because I realized that too many of my high school students had dreams but didn't know how to accomplish them. Working as a college advisor I get the privilege of helping students navigate the complex dynamics of college while helping them grow as individuals, citizens, and community members. 

  • Tiffany Phillips headshot
    Senior Academic Advisor

    Office: 111-F Phillips Hall

    Phone: 319.353.2206