Electronics Assembly Shop (EAS)


The EAS has the equipment and expertise needed for high reliability electronics assembly. It has been building space-qualified electronics for over 40 years, beginning with spaceflight hardware build for Dr. James Van Allen. The EAS also provides support to other project needs within the Physics Department including assembly of electronics for CERN as well as sounding rocket instrumentation. The EAS is a key card secured room with a custom designed climate control environment providing electrostatic and contamination control.

  • Detailed hand soldering

    Detailed hand soldering of standard through-hole components and very fine pitch leaded components with lead pitch down to 0.010" and passive components down to 0603 case size. 

  • Electrical Harnesses

    Electrical Harnesses

    Construction of complex electrical harnesses using crimp tools supporting several connector types.

  • Reflow Oven

    Reflow Oven

    Multiboard soldering capacity for small to large boards.

Hot air rework station for removal of surface mount components including ball grid array packages, which cannot be hand soldered.
Reflow oven for application of solder paste to multiple components
A soldering station with an independent fume hood, microscope, and conductive flooring is available by reservation for student projects.

IPC/NASA inspected and certified for the construction of spaceflight hardware
NASA certified in inspection and cable and wire harness assembly
IPC/NASA certified soldering instructor
IPC/NASA certified in inspection and cable and wire harness assembly

High-reliability spaceflight projects for JPL and NASA, such as TRICE-2, Radar for Icy Moons Exploration (RIME) / Jupiter ICy moons Explorer, Europa Mission, European Space Agency.

$80/hour for University of Iowa clients; $120 external clients. Flat rates can be negotiated on a per project basis.

Email contact: EAS-physastro@uiowa.edu Calendar reservations: EAS-physastro@uiowa.edu
509 VAN
Phone: (319) 335-1901

UI users submit job tickets to phys-assembly@divms.uiowa.edu

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