The Adler Awards Luncheon is held each year in the Spring.  The Adler Luncheon honors the memory of E.P. Adler, one of the department's founders.  The annual event was established and endowed through the generosity of the late Philip and Henrietta Adler, with ongoing support provided by the family of Lloyd and Betty Schermer. 

The Department of Religious Studies would like to congratulate the following awardees:

Spring 2017

Rebecca Breazeale - Charles Schoen Interfaith Award
Leon Hedstrom - Helen Goldstein Research Paper Award
Katie Hitchcock - E.P. Adler Award
Andrea Lynch - Islamic Studies Award
Nickie Nguyen - Theta Alpha Kappa Undergraduate Achievement Award

Lillian Pypes - Sonia Sands Award
Katherine Seagrove - John P. Boyle Award
Spencer Silver - Karl Hoffman Award

Spring 2016

Mark Alatalo - Karl Hoffman Award
Ahmed Elkhaldy - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship

Leon Hedstrom - Sonia Sands Award
Katherine Seagrove - John P. Boyle Award
David Spanier - Sonia Sands Award
Emma Weddle - Islamic Studies Award

Spring 2015

Ashley Byrd - E.P. Adler Award
Emily Eilers - Charles Schoen Interfaith Award
Ahmed Elkhaldy - Karl Hoffman Award
James Laursen - Sonia Sands Scholarship
Paige Wilkinson - Helen Goldstein Award

Spring 2014

Andrew DeLoucas - Helen Goldstein Research Paper Award
Broderick DeBettignies - E.P. Adler Award
Penelope Hedden - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship

Jacob Havel - Islamic Studies Award
Trevor Riley - Sonia Sands Award
Paige Wilkinson - Karl Hoffman Award

Spring 2013

Alyssa Boltinghouse - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship
Leah DeGrazia - Helen Goldstein Undergraduate Research Paper Award

Andrew Deloucas - Karl Hoffman Award
Jacob Hopes - Sonia Sands Award
Jenna Miller - E.P. Adler Award

Spring 2012

Tiffany Colegrove-Best - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship
Leah DeGrazia - Karl Hoffman Award
Amr El-Bokl - Sonia Sands Award

Spring 2011

Frederick Blodi - Ellen and John Buchanan Award
Kelsey Dallas - Sonia Sands Award
Hanna Henscheid - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship
Katherine Fohn - John P. Boyle Award

Michael Joyce - Ellen and John Buchanan Award
Shay O'Reilly - Sonia Sands Award

Jon Weinand - Karl Hoffman Award
Navid Zarrinnal - Islamic Studies Award

Spring 2010

Amanda Bartusek - Barbara W. and Rex E. Montgomery Award
Abigail Burkhart - Schoen Interfaith Award
Marci Nicole Doerr - Karl Hoffman Award
Emily Ehlers - Sonia Sands Award
Zeru Peterson - Sonia Sands Award
Susannah Stephens - Leo W. Schwarz Award

Spring 2009

Brian Buh - Karl Hoffmann Award
Abigail Burkhart - Karl Hoffmann Award
Jaimie Hoskins - Islamic Studies Award

Alison Mollman - Islamic Studies Award
Savannah Smith - John P. Boyle Award
Ashley Updegraff - Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship
Julian VanderVelde - Sonia Sands Award

Spring 2008

Lindsay Hocker - Karl Hoffmann Award
Jessica Nelson - Islamic Studies Award
Savannah Smith - Karl Hoffmann Award

Abigail Struck-Marcell -Charles Schoen Interfaith Scholarship
Patrick Weeg - Leo W. Schwartz Award 
Nicolle Wolken - Sonia Sands Award