Carrie Figdor

Associate Professor
PhD, City University of New York Graduate Center, 2005
260 English-Philosophy Building
Office Hours: 
Monday and Wednesday 1:30-3:00
Research Interests: 

philosophy of mind, metaphysics, neuroethics, media ethics

Dr. Figdor's primary research areas are philosophy of mind (including cognitive science and neuroscience) and metaphysics, plus neuroethics and media ethics. Her current research focuses on mechanistic explanation of mind, the metaphysics and explanatory roles of activities, and the implications of neuroscience findings for social relations. Her teaching interests include the above plus philosophy of language, aesthetics and philosophy of science.


Selected Publications: 
  • Experimental Philosophy and the Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy (forthcoming). With Matthew Drabek. In W. Buckwalter and J. Sytsma, eds., A     Companion to Experimental Philosophy, Wiley-Blackwell).
  • Verbs and Minds (2014). In M. Sprevak and J. Kallestrup, eds., New Waves in Philosophy of Mind, Palgrave-Macmillan).
  • What’s the Use of an Intrinsic Property? (2014). In R. Francescotti, ed., Companion to Intrinsic Properties, DeGruyter).
  • "What is the "Cognitive" in Cognitive Neuroscience?" (2013) Neuroethics 6 (1):105-114 (online first version posted 12 April 2013).
  • New Skepticism about Science (2013). Philosophers' Magazine 60 (-1):51 - 56.
  • Paxton, M., Figdor, C. and Tiberius, V. (2012). Quantifying the Gender Gap: An Empirical Study of the Underrepresentation of Women in Philosophy. Hypatia 27 (4):949-957
  • "Semantics and Metaphysics in Informatics: Towards an Ontology of Tasks" (2011). Topics in Cognitive Science. (3): 222-226.
  • Neuroscience and the Multiple Realization of Cognitive Functions (2010). Philosophy of Science vol. 77 no. 3 (July), 419-456.
  • Objectivity in the News: Finding a Way Forward (2010). Journal of Mass Media Ethics vol. 25 no. 1, 19-33.
  • Is Objective News Possible? (2010). In Christopher Meyers, ed., Journalism Ethics: A Philosophical Approach (New York: Oxford University Press), 153-164. 
  • “Semantic Externalism and the Mechanics of Thought” (2009). Minds & Machines vol.19 no. 1 (February), 1-24.
  • “Intrinsically/Extrinsically” (2008). The Journal of Philosophy vol. 105 no. 11(November), 691-718.
  • “Can Mental Representations Be Triggering Causes?” (2003) Consciousness and Emotion   4:1, 43-61.


Professional History: 
  • 2013-Current Associate Professor, University of Iowa
  • 2013-2014 (AY) Research fellow, Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh 
  • 2007-2013 Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
  • Spring 2012 Visiting Assistant Professor, Duke University
  • 2005-2007 Visiting Assistant Professor, Claremont McKenna College
  • 2006 NEH Summer Seminar in Mind & Metaphysics, Washington University in St. Louis
  • 2000-2005 Adjunct Lecturer, Rutgers University-Newark
  • 1986-1997 Newswoman, The Associated Press (Caracas, Seattle, New York)