Joint Master of Arts and J.D.

The department offers a joint degree program with the College of Law, in which students pursue an M.A. degree in philosophy in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences simultaneously with a J.D. degree in the College of Law. The College of Law permits dual degree candidates to count up to 12 semester hours of coursework taken in the joint program toward the 84 semester hours required for the J.D., providing the 12 semester hours are earned after admission to the joint degree program and after matriculation at the College of Law.

The Department of Philosophy requires that 18 semester hours (instead of the usual 24) of the 30 semester hours required for the M.A. be earned in graduate courses in philosophy. The department's requirement of a minimum of 42 semester hours in philosophy in undergraduate and graduate work combined is reduced to 36 semester hours for students in the joint program.

The online admission application is here: Graduate Admissions Philosophy (MA or PhD)

For more information, please see the General Catalog, or contact the department's director of graduate studies, Prof. Katarina Perovic.