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Talya Miller

Talya Miller
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
280 SH

During the day, I juggle cups of coffee, undergraduate requests, and history textbooks. At night, you’ll find me engrossed in the latest documentary or art project. In my sprinklings of free-time, I do a variety of design work and event planning for local non-profits. My BA degrees are in Journalism and Mass Communication and Studio Arts - additionally, I am pursuing a degree in Art Education. 

I like to design, write, and plant things — a maker at heart. I am Iowa born with rural roots, and a Midwesterner through and through. I have a soft spot for do-good non-profits, awe-inspiring museums, 90s alt. rock, well designed books, and a great cup of coffee. Print isn’t dead, and neither is Twitter. (But some of my plants might be?)