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Marvin L. Bergman

Marvin L. Bergman
Adjunct Assistant Professor
State Historical Society of Iowa
Editor, The Annals of Iowa

Marvin Bergman has edited the Annals of Iowa, the State Historical Society of Iowa’s quarterly, scholarly history journal, since 1987. In that capacity he has worked to make the best interpretive work on Iowa history accessible to the public. Several other publications also reflect that goal. To make accessible in one place some of the best interpretive work on Iowa history from the past half-century, he edited the Iowa History Reader (University of Iowa Press edition, 2008). With Shelton Stromquist, he coedited Unionizing the Jungles: Labor and Community in the Twentieth-Century Meatpacking Industry (University of Iowa Press, 1997). And with David Hudson and Loren Horton, he coedited The Biographical Dictionary of Iowa (University of Iowa Press, 2008).

In addition to his interest in the history of Iowa and the American Midwest, Dr. Bergman has specialized in the history of religion and its relationship to American public life. He earned his PhD from the University of Chicago Divinity School in 1990. His dissertation, supervised by Martin E. Marty, was titled “Public Religion in Revolutionary America: Ezra Stiles, Devereux Jarratt, and John Witherspoon.”