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Post-Comp Fellow Dwain Coleman Keeping Busy this Fall Semester


This summer and fall have been busy for PhD candidate Dwain Coleman.  Dwain is currently taking time away from the classroom environment as a recipient of the Graduate College’s Post-Comprehensive Fellowship.  This fellowship gives him a semester of supported time to focus on scholarly research activities.

Dwain published his first book review in the summer issue of the Annals of Iowa on The Children of Lincoln: White Paternalism and the Limits of Black Opportunity in Minnesota, 1860-1876 by William D. Green.  And now he is finishing up research and writing an article on the African American history of Burlington, Iowa.

In late September, Dwain gave a presentation at the Des Moines County Historical Society on Early African American History in Burlington, Iowa.  Early October saw Dwain as a panelist for the Association for the Study of African American History and Life discussing the Iowa Colored Conventions Digital Project’s (IA-CCP) progress thus far and our goals for the future. The IA-CCP is a project composed of volunteers from various academic fields and institutions that have come together to research and collect information on Iowa’s participation in Colored Conventions and provide digital resources for educators. This nineteenth-century political movement focused on securing citizenship and voting rights, equal education, and equal civil rights for black people.

Throughout this time, he continued his dissertation research on the community formation patterns of Black Civil War veterans and their families in the Midwest, by taking a research trip to the National Archives in Washington, to examine some of the regimental records and pension records of Black Civil War veterans.