Health Studies, B.A. Curriculum

The health studies track requires 43-45 s.h. of work for the major. Students also must complete the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences General Education Program.

The Health Studies core classes can be completed online. Courses offered online are denoted with an asterisk (*).

Health Studies Curriculum


All students complete three foundation courses (10-12 s.h.)-one each in chemistry, biology, and mathematics or statistics.

Chemistry--one of these:

  • CHEM:1080 General Chemistry II 3 s.h.
  • CHEM:1120 Principles of Chemistry II 4 s.h.

Biology--one of these:

  • BIOL:1140 Human Biology: Nonmajors 4 s.h.
  • BIOL:1141 Human Biology: Health Professions 4 s.h.
  • BIOL:1411 Foundations of Biology 4 s.h.

Mathematics or statistics--one of these:

  • MATH:1020 Elementary Functions 4 s.h.
  • MATH:1350 Quantitative Reasoning for Business 4 s.h.
  • MATH:1380 Calculus and Matrix Algebra for Business 4 s.h.
  • MATH:1440 Mathematics for the Biological Sciences 4 s.h.
  • MATH:1460 Calculus for the Biological Sciences 4 s.h.
  • MATH:1850 Calculus I 4 s.h.
  • PSQF4143/STAT:4143 Introduction to Statistical Methods
  • STAT:1020/PSQF:1020 Elementary Statistics and Inference 3 s.h.
  • STAT:1030 Statistics for Business 4 s.h.
  • STAT:3510/IGPI:3520 Biostatistics 3 s.h.


  • HHP:1100 Human Anatomy 3 s.h.*
  • HHP:1300 Fundamentals of Human Physiology 3 s.h.*
  • HHP:2200 Physical Activity and Health 3 s.h.*
  • HHP:2310 Nutrition and Health 3 s.h.*


  • HHP:4030 Social Determinants of Health 3 s.h. (prerequisite HHP:2200, HHP:2310)*
  • HHP:4040 Health Services 3 s.h. (prerequisite HHP:2200, HHP:2310)*
  • HHP:4390 Understanding Human Disease 3 s.h. (prerequisite HHP:1300)*


Students must complete at least 12 s.h. selected from courses numbered HHP:2000 or above.  Possible electives to consider:

  • HHP:2130 Human Development Through the Lifespan 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:2280 Cultural Competency in Health Promotion 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:3045 Physical Activity Psychology 3 s.h. (prerequisite HHP:2200)
  • HHP:3050 Obesity: Causes, Consequences, Prevention and Treatment 3 s.h. (prerequisites HHP:2200 and HHP:2310)
  • HHP:3200 Health Behavior and Health Promotion 3 s.h. (prerequisites HHP:2200 and HHP:2310)
  • HHP:3300 Human Growth and Motor Development 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:3430 Health Management and Administration (prerequisites  HHP:2200, HHP:2310, HHP:1100, HHP:1300)
  • HHP:3850 Promoting Health Globally 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:3900 Writing for Health and Human Physiology 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:3930 Practicum in HHP 1-3 s.h.
  • HHP:4020 Health Coaching 3 s.h. (prerequisites HHP:2200 and HHP:2310)
  • HHP:4365 Practicum in Health Coaching 3 s.h. (prerequisite HHP:4020)
  • HHP:4490 International Med: Experiential Learning (Winter only) 3 s.h. (no prerequisites)
  • HHP:4930 Health and Human Physiology Internship 3-12 s.h.

For a complete list of courses in HHP, please take a look in the UI Catalog.