Hawkathlon: Adaptive Fitness Challenge

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Adapt. Include. Empower.

The Hawkathlon is a FREE adaptive challenge course at the University of Iowa Campus Recreation & Wellness Center, for people with disabilities. Half of the participants will be running around the track, while the other half are completing fitness stations. There will be 10 stations for participants to go through as many or as few stations as they choose. After 30 minutes the two groups will switch and all participants will finish together with one final lap around the track. 

Each participant will have the option to complete the course with a buddy to help encourage and motivate them to keep going! All of our stations will have various adaptations. Our goal for the event is to create opportunities for people with disabilities and support a healthy lifestyle, regardless of personal circumstances.

Mission Statement: We at Hawkathlon aim to create inclusive opportunities to make exercise a fun and accessible activity for all. By including potential adaptations at every station, we intend to empower all of our participants. Anyone is capable of anything.

  • When: Spring,  2024 (Date to be determined)
  • Time: Spring, 2024
  • Where: Campus Recreation and Wellness Center 

Adapt. Include. Empower.


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