The University of Iowa

Lucas Carr

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Assistant Professor
Health Promotion
End Degree: 
Ph.D. in Physiology
University of Wyoming
E118 FH
Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors

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Courses Taught

Applied Concepts of Human Aging: Pathophysiology & Interventional Approaches
Physical Activity and Aging
Physical Activity and Public Health
Environmental and Policy Influences on the Obesity Epidemic
Exercise Adherence

Research Interests

Technology-based Approaches to Reducing Sedentary Behaviors
Socioenvironmental Influences of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors

Selected Publications

1. Carr, LJ, Bartee, RT, Dorozynski, CM, Broomfield, JF, Smith, ML and Smith DT. (2008). Internet-delivered behavior change program increases physical activity and improves cardiometabolic disease risk factors in sedentary adults: Results of a randomized controlled trial. Preventive Medicine. 2008. May;46(5):431-8.

2. Carr, LJ, Bartee, RT, Dorozynski, CM and Smith, DT.  Eight-month follow-up of physical activity and central adiposity: Results from internet-delivered intervention in overweight adults. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. 2009. July;6(4):444-55.

3. Ciccolo, JT, Carr, LJ and Krupel, K and Longval, J. The Role of Resistance Training in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 2010. July/August. 4(4):293-308.

4. Carr, LJ, Dunsiger, SI, and Marcus, BH. Walk Score as a Global Estimate of Neighborhood Walkability. American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2010 Nov;39(5):460-3.

5. Carr, LJ, Dunsiger, SI, and Marcus, BH. Validation of Walk Score™ for Estimating Access to Walkable Amenities. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2011.45:1144-1148.

6. Carr, LJ, Walaska, K, and Marcus, BH. Feasibility of a Portable Pedal Exercise Machine for Reducing Sedentary Time in the Workplace. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2012; 46(6):430-435.

7. Carr, LJ, & Mahar, MT. Accuracy of Intensity and Inclinometer Output of Three Activity Monitors for Identification of Sedentary Behavior and Light Intensity Activity. Journal of Obesity, vol. 2012, Article ID 460271, 9 pages, 2012. doi:10.1155/2012/460271

8. Carr LJ. Commentary on Atkin et al. (2011): Non-Occupational Sitting and Mental Well-Being in Employed Adults. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 2011:1-2.

9. Carr, LJ, Dunsiger, SI, Lewis, B, Ciccolo, JT, Hartman, S, Bock, BC, Dominick, G, & Marcus, BH. Randomized Controlled Trial Testing the Efficacy of an Internet Physical Activity Intervention for Sedentary Adults. Health Psychology. (In Press)