About the College

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), established in 1900, is the largest of the eleven colleges that make up The University of Iowa. About 16,000 undergraduates are currently enrolled in the College, and about 2,300 graduate students are enrolled in programs offered by our departments. In any single year, the College awards about 70% of the University's undergraduate degrees and departments in the College also award about 45% of the University's graduate degrees. 

The College has more than 600 tenured and tenure-track faculty members devoted to teaching, research, and service to their disciplines, the university, and the state of Iowa. There are currently about 140,000 living alumni of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. During the last decade, CLAS has awarded more than 28,000 undergraduate degrees.

CLAS students can choose from nearly 60 undergraduate majors. Many of our graduate programs have been ranked by U.S. News as among the best. Compared to other public universities in the U.S., our top programs and their rankings are as follows:

Program Ranking
Writers' Workshop and Nonfiction Writing Program (Creative Writing) 1
Speech-Language Pathology (Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders) 1
Audiology (Dept. of Communication Sciences & Disorders) 1
Social Psychology (Dept. of Sociology) 2
Fine Arts (overall; School of Art & Art History) 4
Printmaking 2
Painting & Drawing 7
Design 7
Paleontology (Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences) 5
Plasma physics (Dept. of Physics & Astronomy) 7
Clinical psychology (Dept. of Psychology) 8
Political Science 12
English 15
History 17
Sociology 20
Biology 23
Psychology 25