On the Market

Elizabeth Felix

The long-term goal of my research program is to understand the key mechanisms that influence how stigmatizing beliefs are formed, sustained, or dismantled over time. Given the complexity of stigma as a social phenomenon, I examine how micro-level (e.g., social interactions with stigmatized others) and macro-level (e.g., media portrayals of violence) processes can shape the persistence of negative stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. In doing so, I study both those who enact stigma and those who experience devaluation and social exclusion, with a particular interest in the social ties of stigmatized others, such as family members. To elucidate key theoretical mechanisms involved in stigma and discrimination, my methodological approaches consist of quantitative analysis of nationally representative data, experiments (natural and survey-based), and social network analysis. My published work is forthcoming or conditionally accepted in such journals as Society and Mental Health and Social Science and Medicine.

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