The Burden of Gun Violence

Professor Berg

On October 23rd, 2019 the Public Policy Center’s Crime and Justice Policy Research Program, Directed by Professor Mark T. Berg, hosted a public forum on gun violence in America, titled “The Burden of Gun Violence: Trends and Policy Solutions” at the Graduate Hotel in City as part of the Run Up to the 2020 Caucus Series. 

The featured panelists for the evening forum included Thomas Abt (Harvard University), Philip Cook (Duke University), Richard Rosenfeld, and Janet Lauritsen (both of University Missouri-St. Louis). 

Although the panelists approached the topic from different disciplinary perspectives, their presentations centered on two core themes: first, the established facts about the contours of gun violence in America, and second the evidenced-based policies that appear to either increase or lessen the burden of gun violence. Thomas Abt and Phil Cook discussed the state of gun violence prevention policy with a focus on how gun markets and gun regulations have affected rates of firearm suicide, non-fatal injuries, and homicide.  Richard Rosenfeld and Janet Lauritsen each discussed trends in gun violence, including intimate partner homicides, racial disparities, and American gun violence trends relative to those observed in other advanced democratic nations.  Ben Kieffer of Iowa Public Radio moderated the forum and a question-and-answer session involving the audience.

The event was attended by faculty, staff, and students from the University of Iowa, various gun policy advocacy groups, community members, and several elected officials from the State of Iowa General Assembly.  Sponsorship was provided by the Public Policy Center, the Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, the Department of Sociology and Criminology, the College of Public Health, the Department of Emergency Medicine, and the Presidential Lecture Committee, and several other campus departments and research centers. 

A link to the question-and-answer session from the gun violence event is available on Iowa Public Radio’s River to River program, it can be found by clicking here.


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