Graduate Program

Marina Zaloznaya teaching a class.

The graduate program provides rigorous training in theory and methods as well as in these substantive areas:

  • Crime, Law, and Social Control
  • Gender and Family
  • Social and Political Organizations
    • Stratification
    • Political Sociology
    • Complex Organizations
  • Social Psychology (ranked #3 in U.S. News and World Report)

The doctoral program has a research emphasis and primarily prepares sociologists for positions at colleges and universities or research positions in academic, private, and government institutions. See where our recent graduates have found employment.

Our graduate students work closely with faculty on collaborative research as well as developing independent research programs. In addition to valuable research experiences, our students can also obtain substantial training and experience in undergraduate teaching, including online courses.  Our training program includes an orientation workshop for new Teaching Assistants, a credited teaching seminar (SOC:7010) for advanced graduate students, University of Iowa courses on instruction, and an opportunity for these graduate students to design and teach their own courses under the mentorship of the faculty.

Two affiliated research centers offer graduate students valuable research opportunities: The Center for the Study of Group Processes and the Center for Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies. We have additional department links with the College of Education, the Public Policy Center, the Social Science Research Center, as well as other units on campus.

Students interested in the graduate program at the University of Iowa can find more information here, or by contacting the Sociology and Criminology department.