Undergraduate Program

Wayne Johnson

H. Wayne Johnson BA in Social Work

H. Wayne Johnson served on the faculty of the School of Social Work and was the BA Coordinator for 38 years, until his retirement in 1999. The H. Wayne Johnson BA Program in Social Work is named in honor of his commitment to and leadership in undergraduate education at The University of Iowa. Professor Johnson and his wife Donna have established a scholarship for undergraduate social work students.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Iowa City and Des Moines prepares students for beginning professional social work practice as generalists. The goals of the program are to prepare students for employment in public and private social services in home and community based settings such as public welfare, child welfare, health, mental health, elderly services, and corrections; to prepare students for informed community participation in social welfare issues; and to provide a base for graduate study in social work or allied professions. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. A complete description of the program is available from the University Catalog.  A fact sheet with admissions details and course planning schedule are here: BA Program Requirements

A complete list of course descriptions is available here

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