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Early Childhood, Domestic Violence, and Poverty Paper Series

  • Series Introduction and Papers #1-6 
  • Series Introduction by Susan Schechter and Jane Knitzer
  • Series Paper #1: Helping Young Children Affected by Domestic Violence: The Role of Pediatric Health Settiings, by Betsy McAlister Groves and Ken Fox
  • Series Paper #2: Young Children Living with Domestic Violence: The Role of Early Childhood Programs, by Elena Cohen and Jane Knitzer
  • Series Paper #3: Domestic Violence and Family Support Programs: Creating Opportunities to Help Young Children and Their Families, by Nilofer Ahsan
  • Series Paper #4: Police in the Lives of Young Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, by Miriam Berkman and Dean Esserman
  • Series Paper #5: Working with Young Children and Their Families: Recommendations for Domestic Violence Agencies and Batterer Intervention Programs, by Abigail Gewirtz and Resma Menakem
  • Series Paper #6: Young Children's Exposure to Adult Domestic Violence: Toward a Developmental Risk and Resilience Framework for Research and Intervention, by Abigail Gewirtz and Jeffrey L. Edleson

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