Recent MSW Student Research

John Craft Excellence in Research Award

This research award is made to honor the memory of John Craft, former Professor of Research at the School of Social Work. Professor Craft was the author of a book on social work research methods and statistics that is used internationally and was published widely in the area of child welfare and protective services. Competition for the award is based on (a) the quality of a proposed research project and (b) the feasibility of carrying out the research within the proposed timeline.
Students who have won this award recently are:


Lexi Erger


Lindsay Meade: The Effects of Technology on the Social Skills of Young Children

Katherine Quesenberry: Adverse Childhood Experiences Scores and Juvenile Offender Placement


Nicole Ito: Adverse Personal Experiences and Profession Choice


Amy Thompson Thye: Mother-Infant Bed-sharing, Breastfeeding and Age of Weaning


Matthew Vasquez:The impact of an adopted child's reactive attachment disorder on family functioning


Shamra Boel-Studt: Evaluation of a trauma-informed care approach in psychiatric residential treatment programs for children and adolescents. 


Jenna Kennedy: Worker turnover intention in a private child welfare organization


Erica Reschly: Disordered eating among adolescents
Cris Wallace: Wilderness therapy


Shamra Boel-Studt and Julie Ramirez: Reducing aggressive behavior and the need for physical interventions with adolescents in institutions
Beth Schoeppner: The relationship between age of child at the time of adoption and attachment to adoptive parents
Peggy Sharr: Drugs and pregnancy: the consequences of perinatal illicit drug use


Mischa Andersen and Megan Recker: The impact of best treatment with adopted children who have Reactive Attachment
Joelle Osterhaus and Julie Miller: Communication between health care staff persons and terminally ill pediatric oncology patients and their families


Leah DeBoef: Satisfaction with child care and parental self-efficacy
Maggie Wells: How pre-adoptive living conditions affect post-adoption attachment


Margaret Cretzmeyer: Risk factors for future substance abuse among young boys diagnosed with ADHD
Julie King: The effect of an intervention on special education students in residential treatment
Mary Jo Rehm: A comparison of families who do and do not participate in family team meetings