Resources for Nursing Home Social Workers

Recordings of Past Webinars

Dream Foundation:  Making  End-of-Life Dreams Come True for Adults

 Recording not available.

Click HERE for hand-out of powerpoint (3 pages)

Speaker:  Kristy Raihn, Outreach Coordinator, Dream Foundation

The only national dream-granting organization for adults, Dream Foundation has been touching lives, meeting needs, reuniting families, and providing peace, closure and joy at the end of life’s journey since 1994. Together with hundreds of volunteers and more than 600 hospices and healthcare organizations nationwide, we serve approximately 2,500 dreams each year and have never turned down a qualified dream request. In 2014, we served our milestone 20,000th dream.

Dream recipients are adults 18 and over who have a life expectancy of one year or less and lack the resources to fulfill their dreams themselves. These dream requests vary from basic need items, such as a mobility scooter, lift chair, TV, to bedside reunions, or the fulfillment of life-long dreams. Many of our recipients’ dreams are for meaningful experiences with loved ones, meeting a hero, or for an opportunity to attend a favorite sporting event. While we cannot cure their illnesses, we can dramatically impact the quality of their lives with the joy experienced from a dream come true.

For more information, visit or call 888-4DREAMS | 888- 437-3267.


Proposed Federal Rule Changes to Requirements for LTC Facilities: Submitting Comments

This webinar is geared toward enhancing the nursing home residents' quality of life, through social work.  

Sections most applicabe to social work  practice are reviewed.  Information about how to craft your comments and submit them to CMS is discussed.

Presenter:  Joan Zlotnik

Co-hosts:  Mercedes Bern-Klug    and Bob Connolly

This webinar starts out with Mercedes Bern-Klug providing context for the federal agency rule making process, as it applies to provisions in the Social Security Act, namely Medicare adn Medicaid, and the Administrative Procedures Act. Joan Zlotnik then taps her years of experience to review the process for submitting comments with impact on proposed federal rule changes.  Bob Connolly discusses a summary of some of the proposed changes most relevant to social workers and others who are concerned about psychosocial care, advocacy, and behavioral health of  long-term care residents.   By the end of the webinar you will know how to submit your comments and what happens to the comments after they are submitted.  Let those years of hard-earned practice wisdom convert to useful comments!  Your insights are needed!     Please note:  To be included, your comments must be submitted to CMS by 5pm on Monday September 14th.      Rather than just disagreeing with an aspect of the  proposed rule, make the effort to provide an explanation, offer an alternative, include citations to research or experts if possible, and help the CMS staff think through unintended consequences.     THANK  YOU!


Click HERE to review the proposed rule changes published in the Federal Register on July 16, 2015.

Click HERE to listen and watch the 8-17-15 webinar (70 minutes)

Click HERE for a two-slides-per-page  of  presentation  power point

CLick HERE for a 1-page list of ten proposed changes of particular interest to social workers

Click HERE for a 26 page table that summarizes the key proposed changes that affect resident quality fo life and pertain to social work.  (This table indicates which section in the Code of Federalregistration and/or which page in the Federal Register the item can be found.  DO  include the citation in your comment, so the CMS staff person who reads your comment knows what you are referrring to.)



Supervising Social Work Field Students.    

This webinar includes Cathy Tompkins, MSW, PhD (George Mason University) and Bob Connolly, MSW (Geriatrics Consultant) sharing results from their study about social work field placements in aging settings (first 12 minutes). Then Lynda Sowbel discusses her many years of experience in placing undergraduate social work students in nursing home settings for field placements. She has advice for students and for nursing home social workers on how to make the most of this experience. Lynda R. Sowbel, PhD, LCSW-C is an Associate Professor/Director of Field Education in the department of Sociology & Social Work at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland.

 There are two hand-outs:     Click  HERE for Cathy Tompkins and Bob Connolly hand-out.           Click HERE for Lynda Sowbel hand-out.

 Recording  not available



The POLST  Paradigm in Nursing Homes      "Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment"

POLST stands for "Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment." The POLST paradigm is a system for increasing the chances that people who are in frail health get the type of medical care they prefer. It includes a medical order that communicates the patient preferences regarding attempting CPR and artificial nutrition through tubes. The presentation will describe the POLST paradigm and its rationale, discuss the extent to which it is being followed in states.  The three presenters are working together on a  Hartford Change AGEnts Action Award focused on using the POLST paradigm in two nursing homes.    Speakers: Jane Dohrmann, MSW, Program Director, Honoring Your Wishes (, Nicole Peterson, advance practice nurse at the U Iowa College of Nursing, and Mercedes Bern-Klug, U Iowa School of Social Work.

Hand-out of the powerpoint presentation (six slides per page--total 8 pages):  click here

To listen to the recording,  click HERE         



Substance Abuse

 Recording of webinar click HERE (free -- please answer 2 registration questions  before viewing )

 Hand-out of powerpoint (6 slides per page)   Screening tool for alcohol use,  click HERE.

Presenter:  Lori Nisson, LCSW Behavioral Health Specialist  (Scottsdale, Arizona).   Building your understanding about substance abuse among older adults in general.  There will be a case study involving a nursing home resident.


Communicating with Families: Addressing Perceptions, Managing Risk & Documenting Outcomes

    Recording  not available.

Open to any interested nursing home staff member, faculty or student  or anyone else interested.  Please spread the word.

Presenters: Paige Hector, LMSW (Paige Ahead Healthcare Education & Consulting, L.L.C)  and Tra Beicher, RNC, ARM, HRM, CWS (author of, "Defensive Documentation for Long-Term Care:  Strategies for Creating a More Lawsuit-proof Resident Record").

Description: Planned care coordination is essential to achieving positive outcomes for residents and the facility. Many facilities profess to engage in interdisciplinary care coordination but seldom is it evident in practice. Medical staff primarily addresses clinical issues but the social worker should be actively engaged as well. Residents’ and families’ needs are complex and no one person can meet them all. This webinar discusses the four main points of communication and how the essential communication of the medical staff and the therapeutic communication of social workers can go beyond traditional roles and be used effectively to collaborate throughout the entire care process.


Family Conflict in the Nursing Home Setting

  Click HERE for handout of presentation   Click HERE for case study      CLick  HERE  for recording

Join social work professor Betty Kramer (The University of Wisconsin) and Social Work Director of Jewish Home Life in New York, Deirdre Downes for an informative session on how to anticipate and address family conflict in the nursing home setting.  The  hand-out for the session will be posted here on the Monday before the webinar.


Guardianship 101:  What every nursing home social worker needs to know.  

Registration is required and is free.    Click HERE  for recording of webinar.  Click HERE for handout of talk

Erica Wood, from the American Bar Association's Commission on Law and Aging  provides an overview of GUARDIANSHIP as it applies to the nursing home setting. 90 minutes.


Interdisciplinary Teamwork in Nursing Homes

Click  HERE  for  audio recording     Click  HERE for hand-out

Presenters:  Nancy   Wilson, LMSW. With over 30 years of social work experience, Nancy is the Assistant Director of the Huffington Center on Aging (Baylor  College of Medicine) and affiliated with the Baylor VA.  She previously directed the Houston GITT which developed team  training materials for seven disciplines.

Gabrielle Langley, LCSW.  With over 15 years of clinical gerontological social work experience, Gabrielle is a social worker at the Seven Acres Jewish Senior Care Services, in the Specialized Dementia Care Unit.


Participating in Independent or Collaborative Research  Projects

Click  HERE  to listen to recording      Click HERE for handouts

Presenters:   Sheryl Zimmerman, PhD, MSW, School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Elsie Norton, MBA,Vice President & Chief Operating Officer ,Carolina Meadows CCRC

Kim Broucksou, MSW, MPA, Cognitive Care Director, Carolina Meadows CCRC, Chapel Hill, NC


Grievances:  Accepting and Managing Complaints in Nursing Homes

Presented by Paige Hector, MSW.     Recording not available.   


Understanding Stages of Dementia: Early Through Advanced Dementia: Roles for Social Work with Person and Family Transitions.

Presenters: Lisa Gwyther, MSW, LCSW   and   Ann Wyatt, MSW.

Click  HERE to listen to recorded webinar      Hand-out of 6-slides-per-page click HERE.       Dementia resource list click HERE


Nonpharmacological Approaches to Managing Problem Behaviors

 Presenters:  Robin Bonifas and Lori Nisson Waldberg.    Click HERE for recording.   Click  HERE  for hand-out of presentation.


Ethical Decision-Making in the End-of-Life Context. 

Presenters:  Lilly Allen and Sherry Saturno.    Recording not available       Hand-out--click  HERE


Oral Health 101 for Nursing Home Social Workers. 

Presenter: Ronald Ettinger   hand-out--click HERE       Recording of the webinar not available


Assisting with End-of-Life Planning

 Presenters  Jean Munn and  Jeannine Wilson.   Recording not available.     click HERE for hand-out.

 Click HERE for POLST page 1     click HERE for POLST  page 2.


How Social Workers Can Improve Communication with Physicians. 

  Presenter:  Wendy Lustbader.    Recording - not available           Resources-click here


Person-Centered-Care:  What Happens When Choice Involves Risk?

   Molly Rees Gavin and Christa Hojlo     recording not available               hand out of the presentation -click here


Advocating With and For Residents: Greater Choice, Quality of Life, and Quality of Care. 

    Presenters: Becky Kurtz, Dianne Brookins, and Janice Frey.      Presentation hand-out.      Recording here


Urinary Incontinence 101 for Nursing Home Social Workers.

   Presenters:  Janet Specht and Sarah Varney.   Recording here     Bladder Diary Form       Presentation hand-out    Ideas for SW based on NASW guidelines


Coordinated Care Transitions Programs (CCTPs) and ACOs and Dual Eligible Initiatives

Create Care Models and Opportunities for Social Work.

    Presented by June Simmons  on Dec. 19, 2013.   Handout (2 slides per page = 27 pages) OR   (6 slides per page in pdf = 9 pages).  Recording


Liaison to Family Members, Including  Coordination of Care-Plan Meetings

  Presented by Elise Beaulieu and Deb Beringer  on Dec. 17, 2013

  Hand-out of presentation ( 6slides per page),        case study      Link to recording of the webinar.


Psychosocial Interventions that Aim to Comfort Persons with Dementia. 

  Presented by Deirdre Downes and Tena Alonzo on Dec. 10, 2013      handout  of presentation    handout of case study     Link to recording of webinar


QAPI - Are the Interventions Working? Performance Improvement Process and Measures.

  Presented by Rosalie Kane.  on Nov. 14, 2013   Hand-out  Case Study   QAPI at a glance    Recording


Crisis Intervention: The SW Role in Managing Crisis in the Nursing Home and with Emergency Department Referrals. 

   Presented by Gabrielle Langley and Liza Ronda  on Nov. 12, 2013        

  Hand-out of presentation slides: 2 slides per page.  Link to recording of webinar.



 The Affordable Care Act and Nursing Homes-registration

   Presented by Victoria Rizzo on Sept. 26, 2013.  Hand-out for the session.      Recording not available.


Case Management Services to Facilitate Coordination and Continuity of Care. 

  Presented by C. Byron  Cordes and Janis Lasser on Sept. 10, 2013      Recording not available          Case  Study 

          Screening tools:    GDS       CLOX        IADL    SLUMS      Recording



Psychosocial Documentation: Guidelines and Case Examples to Improve SW Care and Risk Management.

 Presented by Paige Hector and Debbie Lane on Aug. 27th. 2013.    Recording and hand-outs not available.


Transitions of Care - The Bridge Model: Social Work Developed and Delivered

 Presented by Debra Markovitz and Ilana Shure on Aug. 22, 2013.    hand-out of presentation     Recording of the webinar


Discharge Planning & Follow-up with Residents, Family, Team and Community

Presented by Elise Beaulieu on Apr. 17, 2013    Recording of webinar


QIS (Quality Indicatpr Survey)    

Important Tools to Enhance Nursing Home Care Planning and Survey Results: Using Critical Elements of Care Developed for the QIS (Quality Indicator Survey) Process

  Presented by  Cindy Mason, LCSW, NHA, LHRM on Apr. 3, 2013     Recording not available.


Mental Health Services: Provision or Referral?

   Presented by Dr. Pat Gleason-Wynn on Mar. 20, 2013.      Recording of webinar


Steady Today: Ready Tomorrow—How Everyday Practices Affect Teamwork in an Emergency

   Presented by Barbara Frank, MPA, and Deirdre Downes, LCSW on Feb. 20, 2013.    Recording of webinar


Psychosocial Assessment a Basis for Interdisciplinary Care Planning and Interventions

   Presented by  Paige Hector & Deb Lane in Jan. 2013   Recording not available.


Behavioral Care Planning for Psychotropic Medications (How to be compliant with medication regulations)

    Presented by Dr. Robin Bonifas on Dec. 19, 2012.    Recording of webinar


Depression and the Role of Social Work in a QI SNF Prevention Program

    Presented by Scott Crespy, PhD, Kimberly Van Haitsma, PhD, and Marilyn Frazier, MSW, LSW on Dec. 12, 2012.   Recording of webinar


PHQ-9 (part 2): Role of the Nursing Home Social Worker in Depression Care Management

   Presented by Paige Hector, LMSW and Robert P. Connolly, MSW, LCSW-C on Nov. 14, 2012.   Recording not available


PHQ-9 (part 1): Depression Recognition and Assessment in Older Adults: Screening for Depression Using the PHQ-9, Assessing Suicide Risk

   Presented by Patrick Raue, PhD and Angela Ghesquiere, MSW, PhD on Oct. 24, 2012.  Recording  not available


Defining the Social Work Role in Nursing Homes

     Presented by Deirdre Downes, MSW, LCSW and Paige Hector, LMSW on Oct. 17, 2012.    Recording of webinar