Field Education

Required minimum hours for placements through Spring 2022:

  • BSW Field: 340 hours for 8 credits
  • MSW Foundation: 180 hours for 3 credits
  • MSW Advanced – 60 hour program: 300 hours for 5 credits (per semester) 
  • MSW Advanced – 41/48 hour program, students with BSW degree: 215 hours for 5 credits (per semester)

Additional information about required placement hours:

  • Attendance at the field or practicum seminar can count as 15 hours toward the field hours requirement per semester, assuming the student attends all seminar classes.
  • Elective credits of field or practicum must add hours as follows: 
    • BSW elective credits: 1 credit hour = 50 placement hours
    • MSW elective credits: 1 credit hour = 70 placement hours

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