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  • Ilima Young-Dunn, LMSW

    “Because I want to know that the work that I do is having an impact on people’s lives. I don’t have to wonder if my efforts have made a difference. I get to see them every day in the lives of the people that I work with.”

    Ilima Young-Dunn, LMSW
  • Sharaine Conner, MSW, CADC

    "The social work profession gives me the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and work towards multidimensional collaborative change. By working in this field I am able to empower, advocate, motivate,  connect, and encourage resilience. To challenge stereotypes and avoid fallacies. As well as fight discrimination, oppression and injustice, no matter the form. In this field, I get to be a voice for all who cannot advocate for themselves. Making this world a better place one person at a time, is worth it."

    Sharaine Conner, MSW, CADC
  • Jackie Watkins, MSW student

    "My ultimate dream is to cultivate awareness of social justice issues by continuing to equip and empower the vulnerable and underrepresented populations of our society. Whether it was my personal challenges growing up Black in a predominantly white society, struggling with a biased educational system, providing encouragement to women, or working with people who face barriers to independence, every phase of my life reflects my advocacy for those who have been marginalized by mainstream culture."

    Jackie Watkins, MSW student
  • LaTasha DeLoach, LMSW

    "Because the possibilities of what you can do with a social work degree is only as limited according to the frame you allow others to build for you. Break the frame. Studying Social Work at the UI allows you the opportunity for flexibility and faculty and staff that want to see you succeed in and out of the classroom. "

    LaTasha DeLoach, LMSW
  • Elizabeth Speech, BASW

    "I chose social work because the principles and code of ethics are directly in line with my world view.  The principles of self determination, cultural competency, social justice, and advocacy describe my own values.  Social work gives me a way to put these values into practice and allows me to have a job that I truly believe in.  As social workers we believe that we should be the change, big or small, and have the privilege of working towards this every day."

    Elizabeth Speech, BASW
  • Dionna Langford, BASW

    "Because social workers are in the business of people. Our world needs more professionals who view people not just as another worker or number, but as holistic people with a variety of motivators, worldviews, and needs. Social Work is a field for people who love empowering others whether it be on an individual basis or through a global impact!"

    Dionna Langford, BASW
  • Stacey Warren, LISW

    "Social workers are the trusted professionals who can support, guide and assist individuals, families and communities during times of need.  Social Work is a passion, a drive to help others and to make a positive lasting impact on the well being of others."

    Stacey Warren, LISW
  • Alyssa Caldbeck, LMSW

    “Social Workers empower people to help themselves.  This can mean providing direct services or working for change to improve social systems at the macro level.  The social work profession offers so many different career options and social workers are respected in multi-disciplinary teams/settings.”

    Alyssa Caldbeck, LMSW
  • Marti Anderson, LISW

    “High School graduation was in 1969, and I was immersed in progress and social change. I went to college to be a sociology teacher, but, I discovered Social Work, where we learn to make a difference for people, systems, and communities. Social Work ethics and values appealed to my life principles of fairness, justice, and social change.  Social Work is a profession that moves me to be a social change agent.”

    Marti Anderson, LISW
  • Lora Rogerson, LMSW

    "Social work is a profession that allows you to practice both on a micro and macro level simultaneously.  I enjoy working directly with children and families in their schools and homes while being able to work on child welfare practices and broader system issues that impact families across my community."

    Lora Rogerson, LMSW
  • Katie Ries, LMSW

    "The field of social work opens up opportunities to help people in many different facets and populations: education, medical, policy, corrections, end of life, children, geriatrics, etc.  The University of Iowa’s School of Social Work has a dedicated staff with a wide range of specialties and experiences, who are committed to preparing you for this field regardless of which route or population you decide to pursue."

    Katie Ries, LMSW
  • Craig Mosher, PhD, MSW

    “Social work is a powerful tool for assisting individuals, families, organizations, communities, and societies to change. We employ systems theory to understand the complexity of issues, the many causes of problems, and, therefore, the multiple solutions that are possible. And since everything is interconnected, any action taken at one point in the system will have ripple effects throughout the system, creating change in the entire system."

    Craig Mosher, PhD, MSW

Distance Education Locations

  • Schaeffer Hall Iowa City

    Iowa's Center for Intellectuals, Artists, Scientists Philosophers and Activists is the the central campus for The University of Iowa, in Iowa City, It has made many top ten lists of great places to, live, work, do business and retire.

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  • Pappajohn Center for Higher Education

    Des Moines is geographically the heart of Iowa and of our nation--the state capital, offering an urban environment focused on the well being of the entire state in a culture that exemplifies typical Midwest friendliness. 

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  • Sioux City cityscape

    Sioux City and the surrounding areas of northwestern Iowa, northeastern Nebraska and southeastern South Dakota are sometimes referred to as Siouxland. Our part time, 3 year MSW program, based at Briar Cliff University is preparing for its fifth cohort of graduate students. 

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  • Quad Cities bridge

    The Quad Cities is actually a group of several cities bridging the Mississippi River on the Iowa-Illinois boundary. The largest of these cities, Davenport and Bettendorf (in Iowa) and Rock Island, Moline, and East Moline (in Illinois), are the center of the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area, which, has a population of almost 400,000.

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