Fantastic Student Work Amidst the Pandemic

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Angela Looney’s Spring 2020 Multimedia News Production class has been very busy creating news packages that would have aired on Iowa City’s Daily Iowan Television (DITV) if they were producing a daily newscast as usual. However, since COVID-19 has forced social distancing and school to move online, the class has found interesting ways to produce news stories from home.

Multimedia News Production affords students the opportunity to learn the terms and tools of the video journalist’s trade, apply those tools skillfully in shooting, editing, and producing professional quality stories and demonstrate the ability to produce a day-turn package and enterprise reporting pieces. Students receive critical feedback from classmates in a workshop setting. Pieces submitted are eligible to air on DITV, the morning newscast produced by The Daily Iowan and broadcast on cable TV households in Iowa, as well as on The Daily Iowan website

Angela Looney is an instructor who’s primary journalistic interest lies in TV news production. She has traveled as a news photographer at various TV stations. One of Angie’s favorite parts about journalism is never knowing who you might meet. Angie works in the Production Unit of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS) which supports the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC), Cinematic Arts, and Comm. Studies. This unit provides the technical support for all the students and faculty who are using film/video equipment and accessories.

Journalism student Melissa Meeder giving weather announcement.
Melissa Meeder doing a story on Tornado Season Safety. Watch Now!


Journalism student Rob Donaldson-Bush doing a story on e-sports.
Rob Donaldson-Bush doing a story on E-Sports to replace the sports fix so many
sports fans are having to do now with COVID-19 stopping all events. Watch Now!


Journalism student Hannah Zepeda doing a story on Texas Roadhouse.
Hannah Zepeda doing a story on Texas Roadhouse and how that business
is serving up food to go.  Watch Now!


Journalism student Bailey Cichon doing a story at a dress shop.
Bailey Cichon doing a story on a dress shop and how the virus is
wrecking havoc on formal wear. Watch Now!


Journalism student Kathryn Raver doing a story about unemployment.
Kathryn Raver producing a “look live” shot and finds out about the
unemployment numbers in the state of Iowa. Watch Now!


Journalism student Tianna Torrejon reporting from Pleasantville.
Tianna Torrejon reports from Pleasantville and how spring athletes
are coping and staying fit. Watch now!


Journalism student John Chenowith reporting from New Glarus High School.
John Chenoweth reports on New Glarus, WI High School during COVID-19   Watch Now!


Journalism student Kimberly Bates reporting from downtown Iowa City.
Kim Bates reports on downtown Iowa City during the pandemic.  Watch Now!

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