Recent Faculty and Graduate Publications

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Meenakshi Gigi Durham: "Scene of the crime: News discourse of rape in India and the geopolitics of sexual assault." Feminist Media Studies.


Meenakshi Gigi Durham: "Vicious assault shakes Texas town:” The politics of gender violence in The New York Times' coverage of a schoolgirl's gang rape. Journalism Studies 14.1: 1-12.


Leo Eko, Anup Kumar and Qingjiang Yao published, “To Google or Not to Google:  The Google Digital Books Initiative and the Exceptionalist Intellectual Property Law Regimes of the United States and France in vol. 15 (7) of the Journal of Internet Law (January 2012)

Zhaoxi (Josie) Liu, (forthcoming) “Media Use and Postmaterialist Values in China and US: A Comparative Study.” Chinese Journal of Communication (Taylor & Francis, Hong Kong)


Leo Eko, Associate Professor and Associate Director for Graduate Studies published an article entitled: “Google This: The Great Firewall of China, The IT Wheel of India, Google, Inc., and Internet Regulation” in the Journal of Internet Law. His first co-author, Anup Kumar, is a graduate of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is an assistant professor at Cleveland State University. His second author, Qingjiang Yao is a former adjunct professor at the SJMC.

David D. Perlmutter was interviewed by Professor Corey Olsen (Washington College) for Olsen's "The Tolkien Professor" podcast --a series of lectures, discussions, and seminars on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Perlmutter talked about warfare and politics in Tolkien's works. The podcast is downloadable via iTunes or

Ph.D. student Robert Gutsche Jr.’s article, “Building Boundaries: A Case Study of the Use of News Photographs and Cultural Narratives in the Coverage of Local Crime and in the Creation of Urban Space,” has been published in Visual Communication Quarterly, 18(3), p. 140-154. 

Joseph Schwartz (SJMC PhD '09) and Julie Andsager's article, "Four decades of images in gay male-targeted magazines," was published in the Spring 2011 issue of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (vol. 88, pp. 76-98).

Meenakshi Gigi Durham's article, "Resuscitating the corporeal in a new media environment" appears in the Spring 2011 issue of Feminist Media Studies (Vol. 11, No. 1).

PhD student Robert (Ted) Gustsche and Erica Salkin's co-authored article, "News stories: An exploration of independence within post-secondary journalism," was published in the April 2011 issue of the refereed journal Journalism Practice 5:2 (193-209).