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Lucy Rohden

SJMC Ambassadors Spotlight

Lucy Rohden (B.A. journalism and mass communication, sports studies ’20) still has the famous “All About Me” poster from her fourth grade class, a document that first identifies her wish to one day become a professional sports reporter.

While her days of full-time employment in the sports world are still a ways off, she considers herself lucky to have recognized a life-long passion at the age of only ten years old.

It helps that her father, an Iowa alum from the ‘90s, had her cheering on the Hawkeyes from the very beginning. Every Saturday of the fall, and weeknights in the winter season were devoted to the sacred black and gold.

“Watching Iowa sports was never a choice; it was a requirement,” she says, “It started off that nobody in our family wanted to do it, but then it became something everyone treasured. And being 5’3’’ and 100 pounds, I was obviously never going to make it myself in sports, so journalism was the way around that. I like talking about sports, so why not get paid to do it?”

To prepare herself for the real world, Lucy has taken on a number of experiences during her first two years on campus. First as a reporter for DITV, she has worked her way into an anchor and producer for the sports segment, in addition to doing production work for Big Ten Student U, and satellite work for ESPNU as a writer.

Equally as impressive, Lucy has been the recipient of an anonymous donation from American media executive Mark Shapiro, who decided to give back to the university years after his own parting from the campus. The scholarship was enough to cover her first year of school at Iowa and has given her a great professional connection.

As far as the future is concerned, Lucy is weighing a few options for the summer, considering internships that would expand her broadcast experience, or accept a position she has been offered with the National Sports Media Association.

But for other students within the journalism program, she has this advice to share: “Find your niche. Try things out to find what you like to do. Then go after it with 110%. If you work really hard to improve yourself and the things you produce, then you’ll be golden. It doesn’t matter what school you go to or the grades you get, your effort and your drive are everything.”

If any part of Lucy’s story has resonated with you, feel free to reach out to her with any questions you might have at