Travel Funding

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Travel Funding 

The Department has funds to support undergraduate students traveling to conferences related to political science or international relations as well as conducting research related to a class offered by the Department or in conjunction with a Political Science faculty member. 

Prior to applying for funding, you should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies about applying. To apply for funding, please submit the following application materials to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

  1. Application Form
  2. Resume
  3. A short proposal requesting funding support from the Political Science Department. In that proposal, be sure to address the following:

A) What other sources of funding you are pursuing? (Your chances of funding are greater if you pursue other sources

B) An itemized budget of your expenses.

C) If you are traveling to a conference, please indicate the name of the conference, the dates of the conference, the organization or group sponsoring the conference, and the location of the conference.

Please also discuss what you will be doing at the conference, if this is related to work with a faculty member, and how attending this conference will help your academic or career goals. If this is to conduct research, please indicate the dates of your travel and the location of your travel.

Please indicate if this research is related to a class at the University (e.g. honors thesis) and include the ultimate goal of this research (e.g. is this for your honors thesis). You should discuss how and why this research is important to your manuscript. Finally, please include a prospectus of your research plan which should include your theory and research design. For other funding requests, please be clear about what you are requesting and why. Before submitting a proposal, please conact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.