Government Internships

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See below for a listing of government internships or visit 140 Schaeffer Hall to see other internship opportunities posted on the public bulletin board.

Government Internships

1, 2, 3 s.h. (POLI:4900; 030:191)

Undergraduate internships in state or national legislative office, executive agency, or election campaign official. Offered Satisfactory/Fail basis only. Consent of instructor required. Does not count towards major or minor in Political Science. However, the course will be counted in the 56 semester hours of credit from one academic department maximum that the University of Iowa accepts toward the 120 semester hours needed for a BA, BS, or BLS degree. Students may enroll for up to 3 s.h. in any given semester, and the course is repeatable for credit in subsequent semester, up to a limit of 6 s.h. overall.


  • Student is to work approximately 10 hours/week over a 15 week period which equals 150 hours of office work for three hours credit. Credit may be prorated for fewer hours of office work (100 hours equals 2 credit hours; 50 hours equals 1 credit hour.
  • Student is to provide a job description, signed by immediate supervisor. May choose state or national legislative office, executive agency, or election campaign official.
  • Student is to provide a detailed log of activities for a typical one-week period.
  • Student is to provide a file of illustrative paperwork.
  • A letter of appraisal is to be sent by the supervisor to the faculty director of the internship.
  • The student is to provide a five-page paper evaluating the internship experience

The Washington Center Internship Program

National office link

Capital Semester in Washington, D.C.
This program, sponsored by The Fund for American Studies and held at Georgetown University each fall and spring semester, is an academic internship program for undergraduates interested in public policy, international relations, economics, and the nonprofit sector. For more information, go to

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