Joseph A. Coll

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Research Areas

American Politics
Comparative Politics
Political Methodology


Joseph Coll is a third-year graduate student who studies public opinion, electoral institutions, representation, and voting behavior. His main research revolves around understanding how public opinion and electoral institutions influence voting behavior and representation. To this end, Joseph Coll has focused on how the Electoral College shapes public opinion and voter turnout, the effects of electoral laws on disadvantaged groups, how candidate characteristics influence electoral support, developing a measure of how representative the Electoral College is, and more.


University of Iowa, MA in Political Science, 2019
Buena Vista University, BA in Political Science and Public Administration, 2017


  • Coll, Joseph. Measuring the Mistranslation of the Electoral College and Assessing the Effects of Partisan Bias. Jakobsen Memorial Conference, March 2019.
  • Juelich, Courtney, and Joseph Coll. The Impact of Electoral Laws on Voting Habits: Evolving Electoral Environments and Their Effects on Youth Voters. State Politics and Policy Conference, 2019