Armando Bryson

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Armando Bryson portrait


Armando Bryson is from Anaheim, CA, majoring in Political Science and African American Studies, minoring in Philosophy. Armando has received multiple department and university honors while competing at the highest collegiate level, running track and field for the University. During Armando's freshman year he was an active member aiding both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaigns. He was later accepted to be a part of the Iowa Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (ISAAC), taking those experiences and collaborative skills to help found the Speak Your Truth Committee (S.Y.T).  The S.Y.T organization was created in the wake of political and racial unrest with the goal of making the University of Iowa a more equitable and inclusive place for athletes of color. While on this committee Armando has worked diligently in tandem with the university's director of athletics as well as the director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion to accomplish amazing feats. During the fall of Armando’s sophomore year, he worked as the head liaison bridging the gap between voter information and registration serving the underrepresented population of athletes of color within the university. During this time, the S.Y.T committee worked alongside Hawk the Vote to educate and distribute educational information about voting and the dark historical past of voter suppression. Later that year, Armando took on a major project as he sat down with the board of the University of Iowa Directions and their legal team to rewrite the student-athlete handbook and code of conduct. In the summer before his junior year,  Armando worked with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office as a legal intern assisting a team of assistant district attorneys with various tasks, such as drafting protective orders and coordinating litigation schedules. Additionally, he is conducting legal research at American University Washington College of Law under Dean Roger Fairfax, Jr.  Armando aspires to have a future pursuing criminal or civil rights law as it would be foundational for a career in public policy and civic engagement.