American Politics

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  • Frederick J. Boehmke

    Frederick J. Boehmke

    Professor Office: 363 SH
    Drop-in Hours: M 9:45–10:45am (on Zoom), T 2:00–3:00pm (363 SH or Zoom), W 3:00–4:00pm (by Zoom), or by appointment
    Phone: (319) 335-2342
    Subfield: American Politics, Political Methodology
  • Dietrich, Bryce portrait

    Bryce Dietrich

    Assistant Professor Office: 314 SH
    Drop-in Hours: F 1:30–4:30pm online and by appointment
    Phone: (319) 335-1923
    Subfield: American Politics, Political Methodology
  • Douglas Dion portrait

    Douglas Dion

    Associate Professor Office: 351 SH
    Phone: (319) 335-2538
    Subfield: American Politics, Political Theory, Political Methodology
  • Timothy M. Hagle

    Timothy M. Hagle

    Associate Professor Office: 347 SH
    Drop-in Hours: TTh 4:45–6:15pm
    Phone: (319) 335-2348
    Subfield: American Politics
  • Nicholas Martini

    Nicholas Martini

    Adjunct Assistant Professor Office: 340 SH
    Drop-in Hours: by appointment through Zoom or via email
    Phone: (319) 335-2344
    Subfield: American Politics, International Relations
  • Tracy Osborn

    Tracy Osborn

    Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies Office: 375 SH
    Drop-in Hours: TTh 10:30am–Noon (online)
    Phone: (319) 335-2337
    Subfield: American Politics
  • Julianna Pacheco

    Julianna Pacheco

    Associate Professor Office: 326 SH
    Drop-in Hours: W 8:30–10:00am, 1–2pm, and by appointment
    Phone: (319) 335-2341
    Subfield: American Politics, Political Methodology
  • Tom Rice portrait

    Tom W. Rice

    Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies Office: 359 SH
    Drop-in Hours: M 2:30–3:35pm and F 9:30–10:30am on Zoom
    Phone: (515) 235-4616
    Subfield: American Politics
  • Rene Rocha

    Rene Rocha

    Professor, Herman J. and Eileen S. Schmidt Chair, Director of Latina/o/x Studies Office: 345 SH
    Phone: (319) 335-2528
    Subfield: American Politics
  • Caroline J. Tolbert

    Caroline J. Tolbert

    Professor and Lowell G. Battershell University Distinguished Chair Office: 307 SH
    Drop-in Hours: TTh 10:45am–12:45pm
    Phone: (319) 335-2471
    Subfield: American Politics, Political Methodology