Courses Approved for the Latina/o Studies Minor

Luis Argueta, documentary filmmaker, visits a UI Latina/o studies class

Documentary filmmaker, Luis Argueta, visits "Intro to Latina/o Studies"

Spring 2020 courses approved for the Latina/o Studies minor


Foundational Course

LATS:2280       Intro to Latina/o Studies


Historical and Cultural Approaches

LATS:2040      Spanish for Heritage Speakers (taught in Spanish)

LATS:2050      Spanish in the U.S.

LATS:3217      Latina/o Immigration

LATS:3467      Latinx Literature and Cultures

LATS:3550      Latinas, Latinos, Latinx, and the Law

LATS:4805      Chicano Cinema

SPAN:3130    Introduction to Bilingualism (taught in Spanish)


Comparative and Transnational Topics

COMM:2076 Race, Ethnicity, and Media

POLI:1900      Introduction to the Politics of Race

SJUS:2250      The History of Social Justice Movements


Fall 2019 courses approved for the Latina/o Studies minor

For more information about the Latina/o Studies minor see the UI Catalog