Honors IS students intern with ICFRC

International Studies students learn that the complexity of current
world conditions requires a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving. 
Our engaged faculty help students tailor the International Studies B.A.
to their unique interests and goals to develop global

perspectives and skills required for life and careers in the 21st century.

Students choose a “track,” a world language, and a “capstone” program option.

Tracks focus on a world region or an important global issue. The tracks combine courses from the social sciences, humanities, arts and world languages, enabling students to focus on areas of interest such as:

  • world cultures

  • business, trade, and development

  • intercultural communication and global media

  • immigration, NGOs, and human rights

  • food, climate, and health

International Studies majors also choose how they learn by selecting one of three program options: an experiential learning activity, research with a faculty mentor, or additional coursework.

Students are encouraged to develop real-world intercultural skills by studying abroad, engaging locally with international communities, completing internships, participating in service learning, and conducting research.  Through both their academic and co-curricular experiences, International Studies students become prepared to positively contribute to the world today.

As a second major, International Studies can add cross-cultural skills and perspectives to degrees in business, health sciences, journalism, and the arts.

International Studies alumni find employment in a range of career sectors such as education, non-profits/NGOs, business, government, and translation/ interpreting. The International Studies major is also excellent preparation for graduate and professional programs in law, international development, medicine, non-profit management, higher education, public health, and urban and regional planning.  

International Studies graduates have used their cross-cultural, interdisciplinary education to win prestigious awards such as the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, the Gilman Scholarship, the Stanley Award for International Research, the Princeton in Latin America Fellowship, and the Critical Language Scholarship.

More information about the UI International Studies Program can be found in the UI General Catalog.