GHS student interns in Chile

A Global Health Studies major interns with a non-profit in Santiago,
ón Popular en Salud (EPES), during her semester studying abroad in Chile

Internships provide students the opportunity to complete a supervised practical experience in an occupation or field which is related to their course of study. By completing an internship, students build their skill set and their resume. 

Students are advised to explore the websites of national and international global health agencies, as well as those of global health organizations in Iowa  in order to find internships with those specific organizations.


UI Internship Resources

Global Health Studies Program--Development in a Global Context

Pomerantz Career Center Internship Information, Remote Internships, and GAP Year Opportunities

Virtual/Remote Global Internships (UI Study Abroad)

International Studies Other Internship Resources

Summer Health Professions Education Program at the University of Iowa (SHPEP)

UI Des Moines Internship Program (example organizations include the World Food Prize, and the Iowa International Center)

UI Kenneth J. Cmiel Funded Human Rights Internship Program

Washington Center Internship Program



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