GHS:3034 Doing Harm by Doing Good

faculty breakout session

 Doing Harm by Doing Good: 
The Ethics of Studying, Volunteering,
and Working in Global Communities 

GHS:3034 Doing Harm by Doing Good is a 1 s.h. course designed to introduce students to the complex issues involved whenever we try to “help” across geographic and cultural boundaries. Students are engaged in lectures, breakout sessions and discussions involving professionals from the fields of global health, international development, health sciences and higher education. Topics may include: 

  •  patient rights versus the promise of "hands-on" experience for untrained undergraduates
  •  pitfalls of voluntourism and substituting "free" foreign labor for paid local employees
  •  commercial aspects of study abroad—incentives and recruiting on campus by external contractors
  •  how to select a reputable internship provider
  •  online resources which help students become global ambassadors for patient safety
  •  basic tools for thinking critically about outcomes


GHS:3034 is being offered in FALL 2019:
Instructor: Christine Brunner Luse

November 7, 2019: 5:00P - 8:30P 11/07/2019 Thu W107 PBB
November 8, 2019: 12:00P - 5:00P 11/08/2019 Fri W207 PBB
November 9, 2019: 9:00A - 5:00P 11/09/2019 Sat W107 PBB


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