Global Health Project

Global Health Student in the Gambia

A Global Health Studies certificate student while completing her GH Project
on electronic health data collection systems in The Gambia 


Students who are completing the Global Health Studies certificate must complete an approved Global Health Project during which they address an important global health issue in a systematic way. This can be done either in an international setting or in a domestic setting which focuses on global connections. Eight weeks is considered the optimal amount of time to meet this requirement.  The Global Health Project may be completed as part of a study abroad program, a service learning course, an internship, a volunteer experience, or an independent research project.  Importantly, the Global Health Studies Program supports student involvement in experiential learning only if it is conducted through reputable organizations which uphold ethical and health standards for both students and local populations worldwide.  

Examples of Global Health Projects completed by UI Global Health Studies certificate students.

GHS certificate students report on their GH projects



Global Health Project Preapproval Form and Proposal Instructions

The Global Health Project requires approval by the GHSP Faculty Director and supervision by an approved faculty mentor. Students submit their Preapproval Form and Proposal to the Global Health Studies Program by November 1 (for spring projects), and by March 15 (for summer or fall projects).  

PLEASE NOTE:  Any Global Health Project which involves "human subjects" must be reviewed by the University of Iowa Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the initiation of the project.  Proof of the determination/ review process must also be submitted to the Global Health Studies Program before the international experience proposal can be approved. Read a summary of the IRB process on the International Programs website.  For all questions contact the IRB at 319/335-6465; or complete the IRB determination form to find out if your research meets the definition of human subjects research.


Funding for your Global Health Project

The type of resources which students may pursue to fund their Global Health Project depends on what type of project they choose, i.e. study abroad, internship, volunteering, service-learning or research.  GHS:3010 Identifying/ Developing a Global Health Project is designed to help students make decisions about their project, including formulating a plan for funding applications. Students are also encouraged to meet with their faculty mentor, and the Global Health Studies academic advisor to explore funding options.  

Type of Global Health Project Funding Resources
Research Stanley Award
Research ICRU Research Fellow

Dewey Stuit Fund

Ferentz Fellowship

Internship Cmiel Funded Human Rights Internship
Internship MHIRT Summer Intl Internship
Internship World Food Prize
Internship Cultural Vistas Fellowship
Study Abroad/ Service Learning

Funding Your Study Abroad Experience
Iowa Abroad Scholarship
Claire and Carl Stuart Fund
Joel D. & Sanda Barkan Scholarship
UI PHIL Student Success Grants
UI Travel Grant

Additional funding resources can be found on the following websites:
Global Health Funding
International Studies Funding



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