Example Plans of Study

Suggested plans of study have been developed for each of the four tracks in the ES Program. These plans are designed to assist students in graduating from the ES Program with a BS degree as expediently as possible. It is important to choose a track early in your career because the order of courses is different for the different tracks. Note that with careful planning and normal progress it is possible to graduate after four years and one summer of work. Be sure to check ISIS for availability of courses in any given semester.

  1. Biosciences (Green) Track - Plan of Study -- biological systems and ecological approaches
  2. Chemical Sciences (Yellow) Track - Plan of Study -- environmental systems and chemistry
  3. Geosciences (Brown) Track - Plan of Study -- earth materials and surficial geologic processes
  4. Hydrosciences (Blue) Track - Plan of Study -- hydrogeology and hydrogeologic systems, and water chemistry