UI CSD Summer Camps: UISPEAKS Elementary Camp & UI CSD Summer Camps: UISPEAKS Teen Camp

Anu Subramanian, Clinical Coordinator

UISPEAKS (University of Iowa Summer Program to Educate Adolescents and Kids who Stutter) offers two summer programs: one for elementary school children and another for teens who stutter. The camps are held at the Wendell Johnson Speech and Hearing Clinic at the University of Iowa.

UISPEAKS supports participants as they:

  • Explore what stuttering is, and what it is not
  • Become aware of their own unique way of stuttering
  • Make decisions about what changes they would like to make in either speaking or stuttering, or both
  • Problem-solve, and identify and learn to use strategies to increase speech fluency
  • Practice, practice, practice (particularly in a variety of communication situations)

For Elementary School-Aged Children: The camp is a one-week intensive program for children from ages 8-12 who stutter, scheduled June 4-8, 2018.  In addition, one-day follow up sessions may be held as part of this program on June 19 and 20, 2018. Therapy includes individual and group sessions which may incorporate previously established speech goals and/or, as appropriate, development of additional strategies to facilitate change in the child's speech. Further, consultation with parents and school-based services is available and encouraged.

Need addtional details? The 2019 flyer, student rules of conduct, and emergency protocols may be downloaded.

Enjoy the poster from 2018!

For teenagers ages 13-18 who stutter: The camp a week-long intensive, residential program. The dates for 2018 are June 3-9. Our program is designed to give teenagers who stutter a safe and supportive place in which to “let stuttering out.” By doing this, we help them to study their stuttering so we can guide them in making decisions about how they want to manage their speech. We accomplish this through an intensive therapy format that includes five hours of daily individual and group therapy, including numerous opportunities to practice specific speech “tools” in various situations in and outside of the clinic.

The 2019 flyer with additional info, student rules of conduct, and emergency protocols are available.

The baseline fees are $600 for the daycamp and $800 for the teen camp. However, WJSHC offers a sliding fee scale, based on the family’s ability to pay, taking into consideration annual income. Additional scholarships are also available.

For more information, contact
Anu Subramanian, PhD, CCC-SLP
(319) 335-8694
Email anu-subramanian@uiowa.edu