Medical & Technical Terminology Course

This 2-semester hour course consists of computer-assisted instruction in medical and scientific terms derived from Greek and Latin. There are no formal classes as students set their own pace and schedule. Requirements include a midterm and a final exam. The text is a study guide with illustrations. The textbook,A Course in Medical Terminology (FOURTH EDITION), by Joseph R. Tebben, contains most of the material for which you are responsible in this course.

Working on the computer will aid you in learning the lessons in the book by providing practice tests. You are not required to use the computer, but you should find it a great help in mastering the information presented in the text. You are therefore encouraged to avail yourself of the computer-assisted instruction, for there are no class meetings and no lectures in this course. Whatever work you do on the computer is strictly for your own benefit and is not monitored by the instructor in any way. Computer exercises are located at

This course offers a systematic approach to learning medical and technical vocabulary by focusing on the Latin and Greek elements in English words. Knowledge of Greek and Latin elements will assist in the learning, memorization, and understanding of technical language. The primary purpose of this course is to teach the student how to determine the meaning of a scientific word by breaking down its structure in terms of prefix, stem or stems, and suffix. As an added benefit, students will acquire a lasting fascination with words and their origins.

The syllabus and grades will be posted on ICON for students registered in the course.

If you prefer, or if you are a distance student, you may wish to take the Guided Independent Study version of this course. See the links below.