Colloquium: Patricia Curd, "What Can a Parmenidean Knower Know?"

October 10, 2018 - 5:00pm
40 Schaeffer Hall

Curd Flyer

Please join us on Wednesday, October 10 for our first Classics Colloquium of the Fall! Patricia Curd, Professor of Philosophy at Purdue University, will be giving a talk titled “What Can A Parmenidean Knower Know?” at 5:00pm in 40 Schaeffer Hall.

In fragment B8 of Parmenides’ poem, after forty-nine lines of argument about the nature of what is truly real, the narrating goddess announces, “Here I end my trustworthy discourse and thought about truth.  From this point on learn mortal beliefs, listening to the deceitful ordering of my words . . .”  What follows is an account of the sensible world, quite similar in scope to the cosmologies of other very early Greek philosophers.  Recent years have seen a surge of interest in the Doxa (as this section is called).  There are good reasons for thinking that Parmenides himself did not reject the Doxa altogether (the goddess promises that one can know certain of its claims), but he certainly warns against accepting it as a genuinely true account of the way things are.  This paper explores this question: To what extent (and why) is the Doxa acceptable?  What can a Parmenidean knower know?