Production Facilities

Cinematic Arts Film and Video Production Courses introduce students to a wide array of cutting-edge tools and technology:

Production resources include:

  • Digital cinema cameras including Black Magic Ursa 4K, Black Magic pocket cameras, Canon C100.

  • DSLR cameras including Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 7D, Canon 60D. 

  • Panasonic AF100 HD cameras

  • A large fleet of additional prime and zoom lenses to fit both Panasonic and Canon cameras.

  • A variety of smaller HD video cameras

  • 16mm equipment, including Bolex, Arri S, Arri SR cameras

  • Tripods

  • Sound recorders including Zoom H4N, Marantz PMD 661 and Sound Device 702, Zoom H6, Zoom F4.

  • Microphones ranging from hypercardiod to dynamic to lavalier to wireless

  • Lighting equipment including tungsten, fluorescent and HMI kits

  • Assorted grip equipment including C-stands, flags, silks, nets, apple boxes and various other grip hardware

  • Dolly system with both riding dolly and tripod-mounted dolly, both use track. We have straight and curved track

  • Redrocks handheld shoulder rigs, complete with follow-focus

  • Pocket or “slider” dolly

  • Jib arm

  • Steadicam system

  • Portable greenscreen as well as access to our professional blue screen curtain in Studio A production space

  • Studio A, Studio B, and Studio C production spaces

  • Whisper room located in Studio B (soundproof booth for voice-over recording and/or foley and ADR (automated dialogue replacement)

Post-production facilities:

  • Mac computers with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and other creative suite apps.

  • Pro Tools, DaVinci Resolve color

  • 16mm editing tables and splicers

  • Steenbeck flatbed 16mm editor

  • JK Optical printer

  • Oxberry animation stand


We have been able to upgrade our hardware and software on a yearly basis. We have four full-time staff dedicated to maintaining the equipment.

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