Cinematic Arts Alumni Jennifer Proctor and Kelly Gallagher shine at the 2018 Indie Grits Film Festival

Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 8:30am
Nothing a little soap and water can't fix - still of woman half submerged in soapy water

Jennifer Proctor (2007) took the Top Grit Award at the 2018 Indie Grits Film Festival for her film Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can’t Fix. The Top Grit Award is awarded to the top film in the entire film program at the festival.


Kelly Gallagher (2015) served on the jury of the 2018 Indie Grits Film Festival and is quoted at length about the festival in the article “With Indie Grits Films, Women Lead the Way” in the Free Times of Columbia, S.C.:

“Kelly Gallagher also appreciates the fact that Indie Grits typically has greater representation for female filmmakers. Gallagher, a longtime animator and an assistant professor in media arts at Antioch College in Ohio, is also a filmmaker, one who is familiar with Indie Grits. She is a past winner of the Helen Hill Memorial Award, which honors the top female filmmaker at Indie Grits each year.


“I think it’s really important that film festivals ensure that women and genderqueer filmmakers be given equal screen time as men filmmakers are given, if not more,” Gallagher says. “Women and genderqueer filmmakers have historically been sidelined at film festivals, generally having much less screen time than men. … As we all know, there is a lot of structural sexism within the greater film industry that we need to explicitly fight back against together.”


Gallagher is a film juror at this year’s Indie Grits, a fact for which she says she is “honored.” She calls the Columbia festival one of a kind.


“Indie Grits, more so than any other festival I know, is steeped in a true sense of community,” Gallagher says. “The Indie Grits festival equally celebrates, values and cares for the filmmakers, the Columbia community, all the participating artists and festival staff. It feels like we’re all working together to put on the most beautiful festival, while simultaneously celebrating what makes the Columbia community so unique and special.””