Margaret Beck

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Arizona, 2003
231 Macbride Hall; Lab: 15 Macbride Hall
Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 
archaeology, ethnoarchaeology; ceramic technology and use, compositional analysis, site and assemblage formation; U.S. Southwest, U.S. Great Plains, Philippines

Prof. Beck in the fieldCurrently I work with Native American ceramics, focusing on the Great Plains and adjacent U.S. Southwest and the characterization of ceramic pastes (including petrographic analysis). As an anthropological archaeologist, I’m drawn to ceramics because they relate to so many aspects of people’s lives. These include cuisine and food preparation and serving technology; craft learning traditions within families and communities; and use of local resources and movement with a physical and social landscape. Recent projects include ceramics of 17th-century migrants from the northern Rio Grande to western Kansas and an 18th-century Pawnee community. 

As of September 2018, Valentine Roux (French National Centre for Scientific Research [CNRS]) and I serve as the editors of the Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory (





Courses Taught: 

ANTH:1201  World Archaeology
ANTH:2165  Native Peoples of North America
ANTH:2205  Archaeological Methods    
ANTH:2216  Foodways and Cuisine in the Past
ANTH:2261  Human Impacts on the Environment
ANTH:3255  Introduction to Archaeological Ceramics
ANTH:3256  Household Archaeology and Anthropology
ANTH:3257  North American Archaeology
ANTH:4995  Honors Research Seminar
ANTH:5201  Seminar: Archaeological Theory and Method