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BA in American Studies

The BA in American Studies enables you to explore the culture, society, and politics of the United States, from the precolonial period to the present.  It draws on several disciplines (History, English, Art History, Film Studies, Communications, etc) and embraces both high culture and popular culture.  It also adopts multi-ethnic, cross-cultural, and transnational perspectives.

The BA in American Studies prepares students for exciting careers that emphasize creativity, writing, analysis, communication, research, and civic engagement.  Graduates of the American Studies Department are able to pursue careers in journalism, the arts, museums, government, law, media, or education. Many business organizations value American Studies training for work in public relations, marketing, advertising, diversity outreach, and tourism. Foundations, agencies, arts institutions, and non-profit organizations make extensive use of the broad education students receive in American Studies.

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BA in Sport Studies

Sport studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that grew out of departments of physical education in the 1960s. The University of Iowa was a pioneer in this area. Graduates from the program go on to further graduate study in the field or to careers in education, journalism, administration, coaching, and sport management.

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