American Studies Cookbooks

Food in America Cookbook (2008)

Produced by students in an Honors course Food in American Culture taught by Prof. Lauren Rabinovitz (director of CESA-Center for Ethnic Studies and the Arts).

American Studies Cookbook (2002)

American food is shrouded in mystery. Where did Jell-O come from? Why do some oats cook in one minute while others take 20? When did popcorn start appearing in movie theaters? And just who is Betty Crocker? The answers to these questions and many others can be found along with a host of regional, ethnic, and time-honored family recipes in the first-ever University of Iowa American Studies Cookbook.

The book grew out of a fall 2002 American Studies graduate seminar on foodways and American culture. It features recipes submitted not only by the students in the class but also by alumni, faculty, staff, and students as well as friends of the UI American studies department. Alumni from as far away as China sent in contributions.

To order a copy of the American Studies cookbook, send $14.95, plus $2.00 postage, to American Studies Cookbook, American Studies, The University of Iowa, 210 Jefferson Building, Iowa City, IA 52242.