Department Chair & Administrator


  • Naomi Greyser

    Naomi Greyser

    Associate Professor

    Phone: 319-335-3372
    Office: 422 Jefferson Building

    American literature and rhetoric; affect and the body; critical race and gender studies; knowledge cultures and university studies; critical theory

  • Steven Horowitz

    Adjunct Assistant Professor


    American popular music and subcultures

  • Kim Marra

    Kim Marra

    Professor of American Studies and Theatre Arts

    Phone: (319) 353-2402
    Office: 134 Theatre Building

    Late nineteenth and early twentieth-century U.S. theatre and performance; feminist, queer, and animal studies

  • Thomas Oates

    Thomas Oates

    Associate Professor of American Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-0316
    Office: 728 Jefferson Building

    Sport media, critical/cultural studies

  • Catriona Parratt

    Catriona (Tina) Parratt

    Associate Professor of American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Sport Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-9339
    Office: 720 Jefferson Building

    History of sport and leisure; diversity and sport; sport historiography

  • Russell Peterson

    Adjunct Assistant Professor


    American politics, political humor

  • Laura Rigal

    Associate Professor of American Studies and English

    Director of Graduate Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-1609
    Office: 711 Jefferson Building

    American literature and culture, 1750-1900

  • Jennifer Sterling


    Phone: 319-384-3490
    Office: 716 Jefferson Building
  • Mathew Swiatlowski

    Mathew Swiatlowski

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    Office: 709 Jefferson Building

    Sound studies; cultural studies; U.S. popular and vernacular musics; immigration and migration; ethnic studies; critical race theory; class and culture

  • Eric Vazquez

    Eric Vázquez

    Assistant Professor of American Studies and Latina/o Studies

    Office: 714 Jefferson Building

    Transnational American studies; Latino/a/x studies; Central American studies; critical theory; war and culture; capital, financialization, and crisis; migration; film and media studies; contemporary American literature

  • Travis Vogan

    Travis Vogan

    Associate Professor of American Studies

    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-1370
    Office: E342 Adler Journalism Building

    Sports media, media industries and institutions

  • Stephen Warren

    Stephen Warren

    Associate Professor of American Studies and History

    Chair, Department of American Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-2064
    Office: 718 Jefferson Building

    American Indian histories, Midwestern history, ethno-historical methods

  • Deborah Whaley

    Deborah Whaley

    ON LEAVE FALL 2020

    Professor of American Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-3494
    Office: 724 Jefferson Building

    American and Transnational American Studies, Digital Humanities and New Media Technologies, Cultural History, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Black Cultural Studies, Popular Culture, the Visual Arts, and Critical Theory

Affiliated Faculty

  • Professor Bluford Adams

    Bluford Adams

    Associate Professor of English

    Phone: (319) 335-0461
    Office: 308 English-Philosophy Building

    Racial and ethnic studies and regionalism

  • Nick Yablon

    Nick Yablon

    Associate Professor of History

    Phone: 319-335-2306
    Office: 107 Schaeffer Hall

    Nineteenth-century US cultural and urban history, visual culture, memory

Emeritus Faculty

  • Susan Birrell

    Susan Birrell

    Professor Emeritus, American Studies & Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-9337
    Office: 722 Jefferson Building

    Critical cultural analyses of sport and leisure

  • Rich Horwitz

    Professor Emeritus

  • Horace Porter

    F. Wendell Miller Professor of English and American Studies

    Phone: (319) 335-2216
    Office: 718 Jefferson Building

    Twentieth-century American and African American fiction; memoirs, autobiography

  • Lauren Rabinovitz

    Lauren Rabinovitz

    Professor Emeritus, American Studies and Cinema

    Phone: (319) 335-0315
    Office: 714 Jefferson Buildling

    American cinema; amusement parks and world's fairs; foodways

  • John Raeburn

    Professor Emeritus of American Studies and English


    American twentieth-century cultural history; American photography; American film; the 1930s; American literature after 1865; history of the book


Graduate Students