Careers in American Studies


The BA in American Studies prepares students for exciting careers that emphasize creativity, writing, analysis, communication, research, and civic engagement.  Graduates of the American Studies Department are able to pursue careers in journalism, the arts, museums, government, law, media, or education. Many business organizations value American Studies training for work in public relations, marketing, advertising, diversity outreach, and tourism. Foundations, agencies, arts institutions, and non-profit organizations make extensive use of the broad education students receive in American Studies.


While many of our graduates pursue exciting careers in the private and public sectors, others wish to seek additional training through graduate studies. They may pursue the masters and doctoral degrees in fields as diverse as American Studies, Business, Communications, Education, Ethnic Studies, History, Law, Library and Information Science, Medicine, Museum Studies, Political Science, Public Administration, and Social Work. Graduate programs around the country regard an American Studies degree as ideal preparation for the rigors of graduate school, because of the interdisciplinary training we provide our students with and because of our attention to learning about and engaging with various aspects of cultural diversity.


A graduate of American Studies can explore opportunities within many kinds of work environments, including: Archives, Art Museums, Art Management Groups, Business Enterprises, Cultural Organizations, Discovery Museums, Living History Museums, Galleries, Government Offices, Historical Societies, Labor Unions, Law Firms, Magazines, National Parks, Natural History Museums, Planetariums, Publishers, Radio Stations, Retail Headquarters, Schools, Science Centers, Software Companies, Social Services, Television Studios, Think Tanks, Tourist Bureaus, and Universities.


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