The Department of American Studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides an interdisciplinary introduction to American culture and society, past and present. The department offers BA, MA, and PhD degrees in American Studies, as well as a BA in Sport Studies and a graduate sub-track in Sport Studies.

American Studies

Courses and seminars in American Studies focus on significant cultural problems that traverse traditional departmental lines. Students acquire a broad familiarity with the dynamics of cultural experience and explore aspects of American life, including:

  • Popular and fine arts
  • Institutions and social processes
  • Artifacts
  • Values, customs, and ideals
  • The everyday experience of Americans
  • Regional, racial, ethnic, class, or gender identities
  • Nature and culture
  • Sport and popular entertainment

Sport Studies

Sport studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that grew out of departments of physical education in the 1960s. The University of Iowa was a pioneer in this area. Graduates from the program go on to further graduate study in the field or to careers in education, journalism, administration, coaching, and sport management.