Afro-American Cultural Center

African American studies encourages students to use facilities of the Afro-American Cultural Center.  The center serves as a museum and library of educational and cultural artifacts and exhibits of African American culture, providing cultural enrichment for the Iowa City community and promoting diversity among all members of the University community.  It also provides a cultural meeting place for African American students.

African American Studies Student Association

The African American Studies Student Association aims to promote knowledge about people of African descent by sponsoring programs on various topics. Any University of Iowa student interested in African American studies is eligible to become a member .

Black Student Union

BSU hopes to facilitate interchange amongst our community members and promote a reciprocal interest in the rich and diverse culture of the African and African-American Community at the University of Iowa.

Graduate Seminar

Graduate' students from a range of disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are encouraged to participate in the program's interdisciplinary graduate seminar, which is dedicated to advanced readings, scholarly books, and articles in African American studies.

Graduate Student Mentoring and Advising

African American studies sponsors several intellectual and social gatherings for graduate students across disciplines. During these events, students connect with others interested in
African American studies and receive advice about becoming faculty members and being productive members of the academic profession.

Midwest Cultural Think Tank

The Midwest Cultural Think Tank serves as a prominent resource for interdisciplinary research on the University of Iowa Campus to educate, engage and empower. The Think Tank will involve a variety of efforts to connect research with practical application and public advocacy. It will bring diverse perspectives together through a number of avenues such as discussion groups, conferences, seminars, a newsletter, media oriented projects or other opportunities.

Seminar and Lecture Series

The African American Studies Seminar Series and the Darwin Turner Lecture bring important scholars and creative artists to the University of Iowa campus. Guests of the lecture and seminar series have included Amiri Baraka, Michelle Wallace, and Valerie Smith. The New Research in African American Studies lecture series, sponsored by the College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences, focuses on research by faculty in the African American Studies program.

Darwin Turner Action Theatre

Darwin Turner Action Theatre (DTAT) is the social outreach component for the Theatre Arts Department. It was originally established in 1968 as Black Action Theatre. Its mission was to expose Iowa audiences to African‐American culture and promote knowledge and understanding to people of different backgrounds. DTAT is now more culturally and socially inclusive, reflecting the growing diversity of Iowa and our country. It presents dynamic, thought‐provoking pieces of theatre for social and cultural awareness. With offerings for all ages, DTAT's performances and workshops are interactive and aimed to provoke awareness and discussion. Topics include:

  • race/cultural identity
  • gender
  • racial/age/sexual discrimination
  • historical biographies and events